Europe in crisis

Spain has at the moment an unemployment of 22 percent and now the youth started to protest. This might be a first sign more massive protest all over Europe. Even here in Sweden we face a growing number of people outside the labourmarket in spite of good economy,
There are simply not enough work for everyone and therefore people are frustrated also here. The government has nothing but humiliation to offer us while the rich grow richer. Why should we tolerate a society that has no place for us anymore. We the marginalized has the right to protest and to change our conditions in this applies all over the world. Neither the government or the opposition can or are willing to speak and work for us and therefore we must take our destiny into our own hands.


Om Daniel stintzing

Reflektioner kring historien och samtiden. Jag, Daniel Stintzing är journalist och bosatt i Skarpnäck utanför Stockholm
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